The Info Room


Hey web buckaroo! You've moseyed on into the gallery info lounge, grab a drink and have a read.

The gifs in this gallery are a selection from across all eras of the web. There are so many that some of the rooms have never been visited or will never be visited again.

Be sure to take your time as you explore them, hopefully you enjoy your day out at the Gif Gallery!

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You can now follow the Gif Gallery on Mastodon; the MoMG team showcases a random gif from the gallery every few hours!

Search @momg@toot.melonland.net or click here.

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Yes you can do that too! The names of rooms on this site are made with a script that you can use on your site, here is a snippet!

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This site is a non-commercial art project. All the gifs on this site have been collected from the web and I BELIEVE them to be in the public domain.

If there is anything inappropriate, send me a link to the gif and I'll remove it. If you're an individual who made a gif and don't want it on here, email me. ALTERNATIVELY, if you are a big company and want to file a copyright suit, send a message to Kyle the IP address owner and he can do what he thinks best.